Thursday, September 15, 2011


I had been obsessed by high cut BOOTS for a very long time... but its just that I can't find ONE that really inspire me!!!

Finally a call came and I was told CK having warehouse SALE!!!!!
RUSH RUSH RUSH from Tuas to Macpherson

AND walaaaaaaaaaaaa I got the BOOTS
that I wanted. The BOOTS that can make my DAY
The BOOTS that can inspire me to come out with more styles to wear.

"These BOOTS are made for walking, and walking is what they will do...."
├ľne of these days these BOOTS are gonna walk all over YOU"

Me in my BOOTS tra lalalalalala....
Sorry ICM-ers you just gonna have bear with me & my boots for now.

Here is a song from Nancy Sinatra just for my BOOTS!

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